A neutral space for all members of the San Marcos community to gather and grow.

community activation academy hosting workshops

Local, Regional,Public Affairs,Education and Arts, Local Governmental

EnterMedia Collective

The Science of Mind-Body Transformation The practice of mindfulness and other mind-body exercises are a scientifically proven way of restoring our mental, bodily and emotional balance. Both medical science and cognitive-behavioral therapies endorse the practice of mindfulness, and there is an increasing number of clinicians that recommend the use of Mindful Science to their patients.

recording the stories of the earth and regeneration

organization of love bistro

organization of love bistro

casa corazon kitchen needs and plan

A production house focused on using the power of story to promote productive projects with fertile effects on our cultural and natural eco-system.

A team dedicated to helping the curation of collectives and projects within the Oi. Funded by donations and fuelled by the feedback of the Oi community.

Testing project task management.

This is a collective to capture the life and times of San Marcos De Laguna, Guatemala. Everyone is welcome to join and become a team member.

A show following the stories of maya elders, healers and spiritual guides.

helping the indigenous tribe to persevere their heritage and knowledge of the plates and there medicine

A safe place for Young woman to find a trade that Will help them to créate an income for themselves. A place where they can receive different workshops and trainnings for better work opportunities.