Project Activity

Lake Life
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Black Elk Connection
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Casual conversation among friends.
Chit chat on the lake
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Hanging out talking about San Marcos and random thoughts. Featuring Maria and Dorothy! Video by C Burkey
Volcanoes and Virginia
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Here is an art project we put together yesterday. Dreaming about the connection between water, volcanoes, earth and life itself.

Credits: Virginia and Nicolas, music by Peia and LaUrenita. Cinematography by C Burkey
The Roots of The Maya
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Copy of  FIELD NIDO 2 (4).png
Our current project, a documentary we have been working on for a year so far.
Nido Films & B'elejé Q'anil
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A series delving into the resilient heart of Maya culture and the importance of preserving our roots. <<

>> Teachings and stories passed down from elder to elder, knowledge thats roots trace back to the ancient civilization that built and inhabited the sacred megalithic cities of the Maya.
Check out this photo
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We The Nipple kick off
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We have been in the news lately
Christopher working on code
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Here I'm working on OI code! Felt like I should try making a selfie video and learn how to edit video under Linux using KDenLive. Also learned how to flip a video 180 using command line: avconv -i VID_20190504_180253.mp4 -vf transpose=1,transpose=2 VIDout2.mkv
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Audio file from interview with Mayan healer Nana Panchita
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Here is the development process. 1. Build your app on Monaca 2. Create a developer profile on the Apple store 3. Upload your app for $30 from Monaca
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Here is a copy of the icon I made
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I created this app for a school deepening project for my computer science class. After using many different sites and having to download many different programs, 12 hours later came this version of my app. I used eclipse made by IBM which helped organize editing files in folders. One of the other software/tools that I did end up using were Smartgit which pushed the changes made to text files to a compiler for apps. The compiler I used was Cordova, I used Monaca as a platform to use Cordova and html. I used my father's website Open Institute to check in GIT, check out a server. I used google draw to create my icon and banner. Once the app was cleaned up and programmed I then had to get it registered by buying an Apple program certificate. One the certificate was verified all that was needed to be done was make a website and privacy policy and send my app off to the App Store to attempt to get it approved. With the help of my father , a computer programmer I have made the app as glitch free as possible and will continue to make shortcuts and changes to the app throughout its existence.
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