We believe everyone has a right to maintain and own their digital libraries. We support professional content creators, film makers, and non profits who want Self deterministic, censorship free ownership of media Files


Case: Currently, a lot of video contents are scattered due to many departments in VTVCab (such as production department, censorship department, broadcast department...), each department uses their own MAM so that it creates duplication and large data volume, makes it difficult to control and manage. Exporting data for contracts with partners becomes time-consuming because only the file name can be searched, there is no more optimal way to search.

Need: VTVCab wants to build a centralized system for all the department (such as:  to manage and censor content. This system can decentralize deparments to access data (For example: raw content for production department, censored content for censorship department, finished product for broadcast department...)

- benefits emedia long term

track everything
metro east similar wants to be empowered

We are pleased to submit this proposal to Babson College with the objective ofvoptimizing storage management. 
We are excited to announce the upgrade from the old version of eMedia to our cutting-edge eMedia Workspace. This transition will bring state-of-the-art features and capabilities, enhancing the Babson College experience for all.
We are dedicated to providing a supportive, collaborative, and technologically advanced environment that empowers every member of the Babson community to achieve their highest potential. Together, we will shape the future of education and innovation, setting new standards for excellence in academia and beyond.

Exensio is working with an old version of our platform eMedia. 

Revolutionizing pharmaceutical marketing through the seamless integration of eMedia Workspace, a powerful platform that will redefine how we engage with stakeholders, from healthcare professionals to patients. Our vision is to transform pharmaceutical marketing into an agile, data-driven, and customer-centric endeavor.

Many charitable, humanitarian, environmental and education projects don't have access to good exposure or funding.  They need a place to organize their team members, communicate and keep track of finances.

Open institute will become a powerful organizational tool and platform for charitable causes around the world!  With it's sleek, well thought out format, it will cut costs and increasing efficiency of these organiszations, so more of the donations and resources go to the people and causes that really need it.

The Music Academy of Madras is a premier cultural institution in India that preserves and promotes the rich heritage of Carnatic music. It is a repository of precious cultural gems and organizes special events throughout the year.



To better showcase their incredible compositions, the Music Academy recently partnered with us at eMedia Workspace to use our software as a tool for organizing their website. Our team works with them in weekly meetings to customize eMediaWorkspace for the best workflow possible.  eMedia Workspace provided an easy-to-use platform that allowed them to organize their thousands of audio files, videos, and other multimedia content into one place. Making it easier for visitors to explore the Academy's vast collections and enjoy the beautiful art and music cataloged on their website. We continue to work with Music Academy Madras and are very excited about their content.

This is a place to share feedback and comments directly to our developers!


The people producing & organizing creative media are losing creative control to restricted and commercialized platforms.




Empowering individuals & companies to express their freedom through creating, storing and sharing their media on their own terms.


Every individual needs digital inclusion; we focus on ensuring that all have access to digital content, training, and tools.

People need more media education, and access to relevant technology as well as training that helps our community tell their stories.

We provide welcoming spaces, online and in person, where our community can celebrate the media arts and the diverse stories of those we serve. 

MetroEast uses media to invigorate civic engagement, inspire diverse voices, and strengthen community life. We are a premier digital media production nonprofit known for our state-of-the-art technology, our award-winning production team, and our versatile facility.  Local schools, nonprofits, and governments rely on us as an essential service provider and partner.



TAE subscribes to Level 1 support while using their existing servers to customize their interface and create a customized and polished presentation of eMedia Workspace. 

Various users of OP use eMedia for their storage of work site. Oren Pickell is a building group company. 
Emedia DAM should display all projects and their media. They had superintentdents that take pictures at project sites and these photo's need to be uploaded in a specific folder in the DAM.
They also want GEO tagging to be enabled on the media uploaded in the project.

User use app: photosync

Documentation app login process -  workflow for andriod and iphone

Media uploaded will be checked to find the project by GEO Code and move the new images within 500 feet

Admin appove all new images across projects