Supporting education by creating and supporting schools in USA, San Marcos Guatemala and Mexico.


People are dying by the tens of thousands in Oromia due to starvation, military and political corruption and are having their basic human rights taken away every day.  We need to keep the Oromo people from falling victim to genocide.

With more exposure in the news, with more funding and resources, we can make a difference and eventually contribute to a more peaceful situation for the oromo people.

In post-war Guatamala, after centuries of oppression and westernization, women are in a more vulnerable state than ever during childbirth.   Guatamala has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Latin America.

Our outcome is offering safe, humane and respected birth care to the women of our community. Expanding our offering to women from around the world looking for humanized, safe and ritualized birth care with the support and wisdom of ancestral midwifery with our team of indigenous and professional midwives, helping bring long term sustainability to our birthing center.

Our outcome is offering safe, human, and respectful birth care to the women of our community.  Expanding our offering to women from aroudn the world looking for humanized, safe and ritualized birth care with the support and wisdom of ancestral midwifery with our team of indigenous and professional midwives.  Helping bring long term sustainability to our birthing center.

Guatamalan students don't have enough money to go to school.

With more funding, and a robust scholarship program on Oi, we can send guatamalan students to school for medicine and they can become doctors, helping hundreds if not thousands of people every year be healthier and providing essential medical services to families, travellers, and children.

The roads in San Marcos Atitlan need repair and the city needs more funding to do them.

With the help of Oi, we can help cities build safer, better roads for the locals, tourists and travellers of all kinds.

Orphaned and underpriveledged kids in San Marcos Lake Atitlan need mentorship, life skills and homemaking education, food security, clothing, school supplies and companionship to grow up healthy and strong! 

With more funding, we can buy clothes, food, hold events, teach life skills, provide medical care, dental care, education and school supplies and also provide friendship and mentorship to these kids so they grow up strong, healthy and happy.

Mayan Weaving is an ancient art, celebrated for thousands of years and enjoyed by countless people.  This art is being threatened though,  We need to support weavers more than ever before now to help preserve this sacred craft.

With a sponsorship and fundraising, we can help Mayan weavers buy equipement, supplies and materials, and gain access to spaces to teach and pass on their skills, as well as make a better living and live with more dignity and prosperity.

Many girls in Guatamala don't have access to education about their menstration and often can't afford sanitary products during menstrastion.  They need more education to feel empowered and in control of their bodies and reproduction.  To shelter them from descrimination during menstration as well.

With more education, funding and access to sanitary products, young women and girls can shelter themselves from health problems and distress caused by lack of access to sanitary products, descrimination, sexism, and unplanned pregnancies.

People in San Marcos don't always have access to enough food.  Many locals suffer from Malnutrition and lack of food security.

With the San Marcos foundation we can offer a better outcome for these families, bringing in more nutrition to their daily lives and helping them with food security.

People in San Marcos aren't able to afford health care when they have a crisis of healthy like cancer, needs surgery or have a baby.

With this fund, we can assist families and individuals to afford their healthcare and live a better life, or save their life.

People and families are falling victim to crime due to lack of police enforcement and resources.  People are having their belongings stolen, there have been incidents of pirate robberies on the water, as well as assaults. 

With a central page, to report, share communication and journal events and incidents.  We can increase the quality of our community network and with a stronger community comes less crime.

People need jobs to buy housing, food, and life a good life.  Lots of people don't have access to jobs in San Marcos.

The San Marcos Vocational program aims to improve the general outcome for young people entering the workforce by offering English lessons, skills and trade training, and other education in order to help them build a better life for themselves.

Talented weavers in guatamala are impovershed due to lack of fair wages.

With this page we can make a community and fund projects to make sure that the Mayan indigenous weavers are always a feature in our global culture, that they have a better quality of life, and that they keep this art alive for future generations.

Las Piramides needs a documentary filmed on it, it's an amazing place with a lot to offer the community and has been a fixture in San Marcos for years.

With enough funding and skilled team members, we can film a beautiful documentary for education and cultural purposes, helping las piramides gain a larger clientele and help more people with their healing and education.

KIds need Music! They also need Music Education.

With more funding, resources, and music educators involved, we can raise enough money to pay teachers to teach large group classes, and help kids and teenagers enrich their lives with music and all the benefits that come with it.