Artists everywhere need our help to create thriving communities and events! The arts provide connect people across cultures and generations. By nurturing creativity, we are able to cultivate innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence. Let us embrace the power of creativity and invest in the the arts. The arts are a way to celebrate our shared humanity and promote understanding in our diverse world.


Musicians, dancers, performers and artists need more events to showcase their skills.

With more funding, Atitlan Fest can grow and become a major player on the world stage of music and art festivals around the world.  More people will come to Lake Atitlan and the local economy, residents and tourists will all benefit from the increased global visibility.

The Volaire Ensemble are a group of Talented Individuals in Guatamala.  They need our help to gain more exposure and get more gigs!

With the help of Oi, we can build more visibility for the volaire ensemble and help make their future as a band brighter!

The world needs medicine music, Kalika is a talented performer based in San Marcos Lago De Atitlan.  She is an excellent facilitor and musician and can bring lots of joy to many people through her art.  But she needs more funding and places to perform.

Kalika will play more gigs with Oi Sponsorship and people will from all over the world will be able to enjoy her music.

Lindsay is one of the most talented singer/songwriters to ever come through San Marcos de Atitlan, but no one knows about her!

Lindsay will become more and more successful with more visibility, sponsorship and marketing.

The Mayan Culture needs to be preserved and strengthened through community.

With more funding and support, we can create a series delving into the resilient heart of Maya culture and the importance of preserving our roots. Also keeping teachings and stories passed down from elder to elder, knowledge thats roots trace back to the ancient civilization that built and inhabited the sacred megalithic cities of the Maya.

We need more dance parties in San Marcos

With Shanti Dance Parties we can bring more culture, arts, and community to San Marcos, and give people something great to do with their evenings.

Zanate is an amazingly talented performer, Lindsay Tribble (AKA Crybaby) is also incredibly talented.  Together they make one of the most dynamic duos the lake has ever seen.

With more funding, sponsorship to artists on Oi, we can have a more robust pool of local talent to make it more enjoyable for everyone living at the lake.

Kids need community and to stay active,  Circus training offers both of these things.  Kids can learn how to move their bodies, learn discipline and life skills, and make friends!

San Marcos could become a great hub for circus training, and people travelling here and living here raising their kids will have access to a better community and great education for a healthier child.

People in San Marcos need a good resource to help plan events, promote local talent and provide sponsorship opportunities for eligible individuals.

Alliance Media Production has helped the local economy and cultural scene grow in San Marcos.  We provide oboarding to the Oi platform and events production and planning services, as well as music publishing to blossoming artists at the lake.

Artists need a place to gather to get support in their communities and grow their talents.  One sponsorship opportunity can be potentially life changing for a musician. Giving them an opportunity to hone their craft with lessons, equipment, new instruments, a laptop and recordings.

Common Roots is an organization run by musicians, for musicians.  Through sponsorship programs we can make it possible for Local and International musicians visiting the Lake to reach their full potential and become world class acts.

DJ Mixa is a talented DJ from Guatamala City.   Check out her Music on Mixcloud or on

DJ Mixa is a great DJ, Growing every year to play more and more world class festivals and stages,  Keep updated on her website and On Oi!

We need more culture and community around food!

With Oi we are able to organize events, fundraise for charity programs and communicate for our next meetups.

We need outlets for our opinions, inspirations and to showcase our talents.   Through this project we can express ourselves and our stories with vlogs, coffee chats, podcasts and community art projects.   Stay tuned for more!

The Lake Chat Project gives people a meeting place to discuss current issues, socialize, laugh, cry and express themselves.  It also gives people a chance to showcase their talents, arts projects, and sacred callings.

Talented rappers in Guatamala need more exposure.  They want to travel and perform more.

With Sponsorship through Oi we can make their dream a reality.

People need access to copywriting resources, they also need to understand how copywrite works, and the different licenses and contracts.

Here you can find some great resources explaining types of copywrites, licenses, creative commons, sync contracts, and other contracts to help you get your best start as an artist, writer, producer, filmmaker or musician.

KIds need Music! They also need Music Education.

With more funding, resources, and music educators involved, we can raise enough money to pay teachers to teach large group classes, and help kids and teenagers enrich their lives with music and all the benefits that come with it.

Tree-O Is a great Jazz Band from San Marcos, but they need our help to get bigger gigs in music festivals and other stages!

With sponsorship, Tree - O can reach a bigger audience with more exposure online, more gigs and better promotion.