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Mockup of File Size Filter for Summary Sidebar (March 1st/2024)
Published 2 Day ago by Claire H |
Mockup of New Video Timeline tag editor.
Published 6 Days ago by Claire H |
New Downloads tracker on sidebar design. (Rough)
Published 10 Days ago by Claire H |
MOCKUP: Part 1 of Galleries Area ( Subject to name change)
Published 10 Days ago by Claire H |

We needed a place to put the public galleries, I had an idea to put collaboration folders alongside galleries, and make them kind of a step by step process of collaboration folders, then publishing to a gallery or a slideshow.  The collaboration folders, and galleries might feature Chats and comments in the later versions of this mockup, but for now, it's my rough concept.   This would be the galleries, featuring an easy to see indicator of whether or not the gallery is public or private, and a share button on each item.


This is my first draft, so it is a bit rough and there may be errors. This will be refined from day to day and updated here.

Mockup of "Versions" Area in the friendly Settings area/site setup template wizard,  Where a user can choose to backtrack a bit like a time machine, Import a different template, download a zip copy for their own storage, Or publish to Oi ( probably need to explain that button better on Ui, like "publish to Oi" or something like that).  It would be great to have a little blurb about how we are an open source, community driven platform, and how they can be part of a community and help us grow, by publishing their template.  It would also give them a chance to publish their template anonymously.

Published 10 Days ago by Claire H |
Check out our sleek new look for the new year 2024! Packed with exciting new features. Stay tuned for exciting news on our newest release of eMediaLibrary 11
Published 58 Days ago by Claire H |

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Join Us For A Free Demo Meeting this September!
Published 190 Days ago by Claire H |

Enjoy a demo of our most recent developments and features.  Reach out to us at Sales@entermediadb.org 

We are bringing lots of great things to eMediaWorkspace this August!
Published 194 Days ago by Claire H |

Lots of great things on the go at eMediaWorkspace. Including useful new tools and features.  Get ready for the school year!

Congrats on all of your great work this July 2023!
Published 236 Days ago by Claire H |

July 2023 has been hopping!   Quality DAM solutions remain highly sought after in this era of technology.  Entermedia continues to pursue the highest standard of quality and service for our clients in a fast growing industry.

eMediaFinder News - December 17/2022
Published 442 Days ago by Claire H |

Congratulations to the Emediafinder team for kicking off a new initiative with The Music Academy Madras!

Emediafinder in Collaboration with The Music Academy Madras will have huge benefits in preserving precious and rare cultural content.  It will also provide valuable educational resources for music students, researchers and professionals alike.  Building searchable relationship mappings between artists, musicians, musicologists, instruments, genres and events.  This is an  exciting partnership and a wonderful contribution to archiving our worldwide digital culture heritage! Great Job Everyone!

Team Circle

Cristobal M ( Java Developer )
Christopher B ( Software Architect )
Ian M ( Client Consulting Developer )
Claire H ( Product Manager )
Dieneke S ( Account manager )
Shakil A ( HTML Developer )
Crystal R ( Team Manager )