Amor De Ancienes

Funds will be used to provide monthly food baskets for underprivileged at risk elderly people in Tzununa ranging ages 72-96


Burkey And Associates

Help home owners take good care of their homes. Roofing, carpentry and most handy-man jobs

Burkey Collective International

Burkey Collective Ohio

Casa Comunidad San Marcos

A neutral space for all members of the San Marcos community to gather and grow.

casa corazon

community activation academy hosting workshops

Circus Media Label

Circus Media Label is a creative and distributive music platform for creative talents. We take care of the production, mastering and distribution of digital assets, including musical files, filmography and social media pressence. 

Colectivo Canicas

Comm-Unity Consulting

Conscious Gems


With the intention of healing a non-resolved trauma on our collective wound, we hold space to a psychomagic act that bridges the personal wound with the social unconscious. By the means of Historical reenactment, a performatic play casts a group of spanish soldiers invading another group of peaceful indigenous community. Giving it a role-play approach, the participants will be switched to the oposite group, so that every participant can have an understanding of both aspects of the story.

The final product of this Project is an educational video that will be distributed to other groups or organizations through social media, that will replicate the same excersise as part of their programs, and influence in the collective movement towards consciousness regarding contemporary forms of subtle colonization.


Documental las Piramides




EnterMedia Collective

Eric Lloyd Knouse

The Science of Mind-Body Transformation The practice of mindfulness and other mind-body exercises are a scientifically proven way of restoring our mental, bodily and emotional balance. Both medical science and cognitive-behavioral therapies endorse the practice of mindfulness, and there is an increasing number of clinicians that recommend the use of Mindful Science to their patients.

Familia Utz Corazon

Please donate now so we may continue our efforts to provide for locals in San Marcos La Laguna….with the most important gift….Education.

Fundraiser for Ukraine

Gaia - Affordable Housing and Repairs

Happy People Foundation

HOME Farm Costa Rica

Heaven on Mother Earth Farm in San Salvador, Diamante Valley

Homework Site

Hona Wellness

Hona is a luxury beachfront co-living and co-working space located in Dominical, Costa Rica. In addition we host a boutique event space focused on education about natural medicine, movement, art and building a local and global wellness community.

Huertos Familiares Comunitarios

International Food Share

Juntos Creando Cambios

Kalika's Pies

Kalikas Music

Kansha Studio

Area for development of projects and creativity

Kansha Studio Label

Karena's Lifestyle Journey

Keiths Cacao


La Cambalacha

La Cambalacha is a cultural project in San Marcos La Laguna that operates as a permanent creativity workshop for the instruction, exhibition, production and exchange of the different forms of creative expression.

Lake Art Projects

This is a collective to capture the life and times of San Marcos De Laguna, Guatemala. Everyone is welcome to join and become a team member.

Little Songbirds Foundation

Sharing the love of music around the world.

Living Documentary

recording the stories of the earth and regeneration

Living Library Plant Propagation Project

magiclown variety production

all events pending

Massage Marta Course

Mauricio and Marta

The village of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, is where I found an opportunity to do some good for a stable family in need of a roof. They did not ask for his project, but I happened to overhear a conversation with my host when Mauricio and Marta came to my host to ask about a job for their son. They needed income because their roof was leaking. My host is invested in the Mayan people and loves to employ locals in his many projects. He is also a co-founder of a community organization that was first started during the pandemic to make sure those most in need had food. It has now expanded to include a variety of humanitary aid and funds education opportunities.

In this particular case, we came up with a plan to initially replace the roof (funded by donations), which also created a temporary job not only for their son, but several others, and added to the economy by buying supplies locally in the village. When the 
albañil came to evaluate the project, he found that the roof was actually holding their small4x6 meter home together! The adobe bricks were also seeping water, so it was not just the holes in their tin roof (100s of holes attempted to be sealed by bits of tape) causing the daily flood in the rainy season. This family of seven had been managing by moving the beds to create a walking path above the water. The project became much bigger. The walls needed to be replaced. This part is done, and now we just need to do the roof--the original part of the plan. Any donations will go directly to the project via
Familia Utz Corazon. (You are welcome to use their link, this project just helps keep funds organized.)

Meet the Family!

Mauricio and Marta Olivia have five boys, two of whom have special needs. Other than Mauricio's jobs managing three properties, there is no fixed work for the family. Sometimes one boy gets an opportunity for one or two days, but it comes with another challenge: those working need extra food. Marta can only stretch the food by one tortilla and a tomato. She manages to feed the family of seven three meals a day for the equivalent of $7. Wow!

Mauricio's three jobs cover their food and basic bills--barely. The younger son with special needs almost died and spent a month in the hospital, so he is treated with extra caution and has to attend a private school. The cost is equivalent to $20 per month. That may not sound like a lot to those from the USA, but when the monthly income is equivalent to $250 per month, $20 is a big commitment! After all is said and done, what is left over (IF something is left over) is less than $2. At that rate, someone in the USA could go to Starbucks once every three months (if someone else drives and spends the money on gas).

Their needs exceed what $2 a month can do--like glasses, clothing, and especially a new roof. They also want to replace more of their adobe brick walls with cement block. During the rainy season (May through October), the water comes in from the ceiling and seeps into the house where the walls are weak.

Mayan Hip Hop Cosmovision

Mindful Science


Movement Alliance Project

mystery kitchen alchemy

casa corazon kitchen needs and plan

New Utopia Community Builders

The general hub for the New Utopia team

Nido Films

A production house focused on using the power of story to promote productive projects with fertile effects on our cultural and natural eco-system.


ODIM (Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya) is an non-profit organization in Guatemala that exists because people like you and I believe that this world can be a better place. We dare to believe that compassionate, competent and comprehensive medical care and education are possible even in the poorest places on earth. We believe that working together with the people of San Juan and San Pablo la Laguna is better than going it alone. We believe that there are many people in this world who believe as we do, and it is with you that we offer the chance to partner—as volunteers, donors, and allies. Believing as we do, we can move mountains.

OI final promo video

OI Marketing and Design

OI Sponsorship

OI Version 2 Team

Tracks volunteer efforts on Open Institute

Om Sat Community, Costa Rica

Regenerative community growing in the mountains on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

Open Institute

Pachamama Circle

Paradise Hotel

Pioneer Valley Restorative Justice for Youth

Project and Platform Support

Red Clover Collective

Testing project task management.

Road Repairs

Roberto Melgar

Ruta de la Sanacion

San Marcos Foundation

San Marcos Health Care Fund

San Marcos Health Supplies Fundraiser

San Marcos Safety Campaign

Three Organizations have joined together to establish a safety campaign that raises money to address the safety and care of the community. We see a need for solutions with creative based approaches to prevention and rehabilitation. In doing, so we are currenty raising money for Four Goals:

1) Strategically placed security cameras that offer accountability if a crime has taken place. Cameras will be used to record only and will not be monitored online.

2) A victims Fund that allows for reimbursment of stolen items and damages as a result of petty crimes.

3) Raising money to hire a local social worker for community outreach and contact person for security concerns.

4) Financial support for providing weekly free meals and outreach to those suffering from mental illness and addiction on the streets.

Your financial support and donations help to support the building of a safe community!

San Marcos Vocational School

Seeds Integration

Seeds of Life

Seguridad Colectiva De San Marcos LL

Seguridad Colectiva de San Marcos LL stands for preserving the safety and security for all members of the community in San Marcos LL. Our mission is to generate community involvement by promoting participation in social, civic and environmental action.


Sol Vida Dinámicos


Spencer Tunick


Technology Team

Varios proyectos en SM


The Conscious Coaching Circle

The Nimajay

The Roots of Maya Wisdom

A show following the stories of maya elders, healers and spiritual guides.

Tribalize Web Site

uniting in harmony

helping the indigenous tribe to persevere their heritage and knowledge of the plates and there medicine

unlocking silent histories

Vida Munay



Woman's vocational center and Shelter

A safe place for Young woman to find a trade that Will help them to créate an income for themselves. A place where they can receive different workshops and trainnings for better work opportunities.

World of Wisdom - Gotland

World of Wisdom - Seed

Will be added soon.

Woven Women Collective

We are a social enterprise working globally with women’s cooperatives to create unique handcrafted quality products. Our goal is preserve traditional techniques and natural methods of textile creation while addressing systemic gender and income imblances within the regions we work in.


Using the language of women to empower women, we preserve traditional textle methods taught through oral tradition; generationally from mother to daughter. In hopes to keep the knowledge alive, we are working to digitally archive this traditional wisdom while employing the women we work with through the products we sell.


With every product we sell we are supporting funding reproductive health initiatives, trauma informed care, (addressing human trafficking and domestic violence) while empowering women with leadership training within their communities. This is done through partnering with local organizations and leaders working to improve transparency, social wellbeing, and economic opportunities.  




More than a storefront for textile distribution; we are educators, archivists, activists and impact makers. Providing positive economic, social, and environmental impact programing within the communities.


Yakaya Collective

Yanapamba - Guardians of the Forest

We are currently fundraising with a goal of $250,000 by the end of 2021 to acquire and protect 90 hectares of primary forest and 10 hectares of Andean paramo.

Zondo Music