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The people producing & organizing creative media are losing creative control to restricted and commercialized platforms.

Root Causes

There is a monopoly on the tools that create content & tools that content is organized & published on.




Empowering individuals & companies to express their freedom through creating, storing and sharing their media on their own terms.



What is going on in this proposal:

Marketing Notes From Monday July 24th & Friday July 21st
Published 309 Days ago by Krystal E |

Friday July 21st:

>> Ask 2 Companies for their testimonies (Monday Meeting we decided that first we will do the website review before asking people for testimonies)

>> agreed to start writing blogs that can be put on website to help drive traffic and to do other SEO work with Carla (Monday Meeting found out she is busy for the week - need to follow up and ask when she can do her first SEO Review)

>> Established that main motivation right now is to make sure that current clients are all statified - like it when customers just find and come to us - but also open to trying a campaign to create warm audience and follow up with warm audience

>> Problem: not enough documentation on instructions that people can use... Solution more documenation & instuctions >> Solution: screen shots and directions on eMedia website >> follow up & make clear plan with Claire & Dieneke >> start things that are not going to change

>> Problem: Need to make things more simple >> Solution on going work on that

>> Problem:  a little scared of the risks associated with growth & making money >> Solution to go deeper into the personal & business motivation

>> Problem: feeling alone in the project >> Solution: build more structure and support in current team , become more comfortable delegating, create mind-heart set work around being fully supported and that all things are possible 

Monday July 24th: 

>> Decided that need to communicate with Dieneke and Claire once a week to do a marketing meeting where are all on the same page - set out other meetings and or to do taks in that meeting >> Christopher would like to give allignment in the meeting once aweek >> Document in eMedia launch ( have established that Tuesdays lunch will be best for this meeting)

>>  Go over website: Go over and review website copy / check in with Claire about already existing document / add notes to any document and/or create new document: