Kansha Academy

Mayan Weaving is an ancient art, celebrated for thousands of years and enjoyed by countless people.  This art is being threatened though,  We need to support weavers more than ever before now to help preserve this sacred craft.

Root Causes

This art is being threatened due to industrialization, fast fashion, and cultural appropriation of Mayan Patterns by companies like H&M, Shien, and other fast fashion platforms. Mayan weavers need more resources to train the future generations or the art will die out.


With a sponsorship and fundraising, we can help Mayan weavers buy equipement, supplies and materials, and gain access to spaces to teach and pass on their skills, as well as make a better living and live with more dignity and prosperity.


What is going on in this proposal:

Team Meeting Schedule
Published 245 Days ago by Emilee M |

Hello all! feeling energized to continue to organize thoughts on this project. Further actions to take for tangible archiving of the textiles, and music histories that are connected. 

When works for everyone to meet? Purposing Friday April 7th. 

Published 252 Days ago by Emilee M |

Hello all! I apologize for missing the meeting. Excited to catch up on the project. I will be returning to the lake Friday. When is the next meeting scheduled? 

Meeting today
Published 252 Days ago by Emilee M |

Buenos Dias, wondering when our meeting today is? 
10:00 am Guatemala time or have we changed it to 1:00pm? 

Mayan embroidered fajas from the weavers of San Marcos la Laguna
Published 265 Days ago by Laura C |