A San Marcos Treehouse Project


Kansha Academy

Orphaned and underpriveledged kids in San Marcos Lake Atitlan need mentorship, life skills and homemaking education, food security, clothing, school supplies and companionship to grow up healthy and strong! 

Root Causes

Poverty is a huge factor in why these kids can't access good education and post secondary, and why they lack the ability to buy clothing and school supplies as well as healthcare and dental.


With more funding, we can buy clothes, food, hold events, teach life skills, provide medical care, dental care, education and school supplies and also provide friendship and mentorship to these kids so they grow up strong, healthy and happy.


What is going on in this proposal:

Sunday Brunch
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San Marcos Atitlan Treehouse Project Has a New Instagram Account! Click on the link to follow to keep up to date on recent updates and events.
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Rosalee with her pizza:

Pizza Is Happiness!
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Pizza is one of a kid's favourite foods, thank you to our recent donors for their generosity!  Gracias!

Welcome to San Marcos Treehouse Project!
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In the town of San Marcos, in Lake Atitlan Guatamala there are many children without sufficient food, shelter, or education.  The San Marcos Atitlan Treehouse Project was made to offer a positive and nurturing safe space for children who are in need of social support, food, education and clothing.  Please feel free to contact us at info@openinstitute.org if you would like to volunteer at the clubhouse!  Open Institute is a fundraising platform with full transparency, designed for Nonprofits and Charities around the world.