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Talented weavers in guatamala are impovershed due to lack of fair wages.

Root Causes

These women don't have a way to market their wares and education others to keep the trade alive.


With this page we can make a community and fund projects to make sure that the Mayan indigenous weavers are always a feature in our global culture, that they have a better quality of life, and that they keep this art alive for future generations.


What is going on in this proposal:

Supporting Eco Quilt Making in San Marcos La Laguna
Published 691 Days ago by Lauren M |

Meet Pazul Adri

She is a local woman living in San Marcos La Laguna who is providing for her family through the creation of artisan quilts. When supporting her with your purchase, you are supporting a woman entrepreneur and the sustainability of using recycled materials. 

The quilt is made of recycled fabric from traditional cortes worn as skirts by Guatemalan women. They are made by loom into fabrics known as Jaspe, which is a traditon that dates back many centuries. 

Most women keep their cortes as their traditional traje (clothing) most of their lives, yet with all clothing, overtime they become worn and tattered. Pazul is using the tattered worn fabrics to create  new blankets that provide beauty, warmth and tradition. 

Consider helping her build her buisness by purchasing a one of a kind quilt. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and to make the purchase.https://www.facebook.com/sandra.puzullopez

Dimensions 187 L x 123W

Price 900q