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People in San Marcos don't always have access to enough food.  Many locals suffer from Malnutrition and lack of food security.

Root Causes

Many locals in San Marcos are impovershed, and don't have enough resources to buy food.


With the San Marcos foundation we can offer a better outcome for these families, bringing in more nutrition to their daily lives and helping them with food security.


What is going on in this proposal:

1050 trays of eggs
Published 1322 Days ago by Christopher B |
The San Marcos Foundation is happy to take action against malnutrition in San Marcos during these desperate times. We had just received 1050 trays of eggs. Each tray holds 30 eggs packed with protein. 825 of the trays will be donated to the food Security Commission to be distributed to the general population of San Marcos. 225 trays will be donated to the Utz Corazon project to be distributed to the neediest families in the village. Thank you San Marcos Foundation for 31,500 eggs!