Many charitable, humanitarian, environmental and education projects don't have access to good exposure or funding.  They need a place to organize their team members, communicate and keep track of finances.

Root Causes

In our busy lives, it often takes too many resources to organize projects, teams and tasks.  Unfortunately things often never get off the ground because people are too busy or don't have financial resources. Openinstitute can offer these things, but it needs more funding to host projects, onboard and train employees, team members, volunteers and recruits.


Open institute will become a powerful organizational tool and platform for charitable causes around the world!  With it's sleek, well thought out format, it will cut costs and increasing efficiency of these organiszations, so more of the donations and resources go to the people and causes that really need it.


What is going on in this proposal:

Looking for sponsors to expand the Open Institute platform
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Mobile App Development
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