San Marcos Health Care Fund


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People in San Marcos aren't able to afford health care when they have a crisis of healthy like cancer, needs surgery or have a baby.

Root Causes

San Marcos is a remote town on Lake Atitlan.  It is host to many different demographics and many locals are impovershed. 


With this fund, we can assist families and individuals to afford their healthcare and live a better life, or save their life.


What is going on in this proposal:

4 people need a ride to Sololá
Published 548 Days ago by Alex G |

Somebody can drive four local persons tomorrow to Sololá at 5:30am? They go to the hospital to donate blood for a person that got burned. Contact Don José 3195-5738  🦵🔥 

It would probably be needed to wait for them and bring them back if it’s possible, but if not, one ride would be fine.


We cover the gas expense.



Update victims explosion FE
Published 617 Days ago by Dieneke S |

On wednesday the 23rd of March Ancelma & Vilma got taken to the same hospital in San Pedro where Rosaria got treated. One of them had to stay a week to get more stable. 

We have gathered over 1068 dollars in the last week and Paul wants to thank everybody that chipped in. This money has been spent on the medical bills of Ancelma & Vilma. They are improving and stable.

Isabela, who is still in Panamed, had a surgery the 27th of march to release the pressure from the veins to the hands. The swelling caused a stop of blood flow to the hands. When Isabella went to PanaMed they told Paul that it would cost Q110,000 for Approx 3 weeks. At the end of the first week an invoice got in for 81.000Q. She probably will need to stay at least 2 or three weeks more and she mightbe transferred to another hospital where they specialize in burn wounds. (picture)

Francisco is in the Solola hospital and he and the family are satisfied with his care. He has burns all down the front of his body including his face. They video call with him daily to check in.

Tuesday he 29th of March, Paul is reopening the restaurant for a breakfast buffet from 7.30 - 11.30 am for 40Q and 5.30 pm to close with an all you can eat curry buffet Q75.

Alcelma & Vilma taken to private clinic in San Pedro 22/3
Published 622 Days ago by Dieneke S |

Two girls who were alreayd home went to the San Pedro private clinic to get treatment for the burns and get the pain under control. One of them has severe burns on her leg but as you can see, there is progress in healing. 

Francisco on the way to the hospital.
Published 625 Days ago by Dieneke S |
Recovery has started
Published 626 Days ago by Christopher B |

Isabela Quiacain
She also has burns on her back and shoulders