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Here is the development process. 1. Build your app on Monaca 2. Create a developer profile on the Apple store 3. Upload your app for $30 from Monaca
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Here is a copy of the icon I made
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I created this app for a school deepening project for my computer science class. After using many different sites and having to download many different programs, 12 hours later came this version of my app. I used eclipse made by IBM which helped organize editing files in folders. One of the other software/tools that I did end up using were Smartgit which pushed the changes made to text files to a compiler for apps. The compiler I used was Cordova, I used Monaca as a platform to use Cordova and html. I used my father's website Open Institute to check in GIT, check out a server. I used google draw to create my icon and banner. Once the app was cleaned up and programmed I then had to get it registered by buying an Apple program certificate. One the certificate was verified all that was needed to be done was make a website and privacy policy and send my app off to the App Store to attempt to get it approved. With the help of my father , a computer programmer I have made the app as glitch free as possible and will continue to make shortcuts and changes to the app throughout its existence.
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