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Welcome to San Marcos La Laguna's open source website, where many projects are working towards the same goal: helping our eclectic community to heal, regenerate and thrive!

Born in response to the Coronavirus' COVID-19 Pandemic, the Open Institute began hosting this site for free, to support and collaborate with the municipal government, the town's health center, local NGO's, the business sector, and countless individuals.

Currently the site's most urgent task is securing the health and food supply of the town's inhabitants during the pandemic and you will find links to the various groups involved on the right hand menu. The two buttons with the COMRED logo are the town's collective food security and health efforts, and the rest are other projects also making excellent contributions to these efforts. Check them out!

You can donate either on the Open Institute's pages with PayPal or credit card, or you can click through to each organisation's own website. Many thanks for your support, which helps the health and nutrition of the 815 Kakchikel families in San Marcos La Laguna.

Looking beyond the current crisis, we are developing this site as a unique platform and toolbox to further the town's development, regeneration and resilience, with the help of the Open Institute team.

Thank you for for your time, energy and solidarity - onward and upward together!


Show at Buho
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Our next promotion
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Previous Promotions
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Ok Now the real updated version
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Exciting Recording Session
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Claire, Christopher and Kachiel

Second Mix
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Wild/Wise rough mix
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Here are the rough outputs
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Zanate Benjamin
Christopher Burkey
Claire Hunter

Casa Jasmine San Marcos FAQ


Welcome to Casa Jasmine! We hope you have a lovely stay in our community at Lake Atitlan. We work with the following shared responsibilities to help ensure that all guests (and our neighbors) are respected and have a relaxing and welcome stay.


We create affordable accommodations for the wellness community and empower Mayan entrepreneurship. We renovate Mayan owned properties that allows rents to go to the dozens of extended Mayan family members and keeps lands from being owned by foreign investors. .  




Casa Jasmine:



Rental: Christopher +502 4611 8131

Cleaning and Garden: Cecilia +502 4800 9487



All rent should be paid at check in time or before. There will be a Q50 late fee on any rents paid after check-in or due date.

There is a 2% discount for cash Quetzales payments


Online payments can be made with Transferwise, Wise or Paypal 



For morning arrivals the cleaner Cecilia will have your keys until 12 noon. If you can not meet her ahead of time we will leave keys at Vida Restaurant or for late night entry try to hide your keys under a rock and send you a picture and instructions.





Wifi is available and free for guest use. 

Wifi does work with Zoom for video calls and is generally reliable






Check-In: Between 3-6pm

Check Out: By 11am


Smoking is discouraged


Gas, Electric and Water

All are included with your stay. If you run out of gas please call +502 4126 2682 and they will deliver a tank for around 120Q Tip them and they will install it. We will reimburse the cost of gas 




Laundry is not included. Cecilia will wash your clothing and hang it for 50Q per load. You will bring it off the line as soon as its dry. Do not leave it hanging overnight.



Pets are not permitted.


To help keep our homes clean for all guests, we encourage you to leave your shoes near the entry area and to avoid tracking in mud and dirt. If you have been swimming, please clean your feet before entering the shower.



Guests are permitted to hold gatherings of no more than 8 total people, provided that:

1) they are open and welcoming to all others sharing the common living space;

2) they end by 10pm;

3) noise levels do not disturb neighbors and the community;

4) the guest who is hosting is responsible for all clean-up.


Visitors may visit with you from 7am-11pm. Unregistered guests are not permitted to stay overnight, without prior reservation and fee of Q50 per night


Guests are expected to keep shared common areas clean and tidy for the use of all guests. Rooms and common areas are cleaned between guest stays. Stays that require extra cleaning for stains, broken items or general dirtiness beyond normal reasonable use will be charged 200Q



Compost should be placed in the compost pile near the entrance to Casa de Rosas.


Trash is removed on Wednesdays by the gardener.


Water in the shared kitchens is filtered using a EcoFilter that you must refill each dayWater from these filtered sources is safe to drink. Water in the bathrooms is not filtered. 


Is included. We use a vacuum tube solar hot water system. Depending on sunshine and length of showers  it can provide six nice hot showers per day. It also stores heat for up to three days of cloud.


The power may go out during your stay and at times these outages are for an extended period. This is typical in Guatemala. We recommend keeping electronic devices charged and having an alternative lighting source available.


Security Cameras are in use at all residence garden areas. These cameras are used solely to deter opportunistic thefts and problems and we check these cameras only in the case of an incident. We recommend hiding electronics and any valuables as you would while traveling anywhere. Do not leave valuables unattended or easily accessible during your stay.



For emergencies you can reach the police on WhatsApp: +502 4503 7073.


There is no ambulance in San Marcos. The nearest one is based in San Pedro. There is sometimes a first aid kit in the top bathroom. There is a pharmacy with basic supplies on the street behind the church, he can also apply bandages. 



Are common here and will not kill you. The big spiders on the walls eat only smaller insects and do not bite at all. Scorpions tend to wander and will sting you if you touch them. Guatemalan scorpion stings are like a bee sting and tend to hurt for about an hour.



The church will sometimes light off fireworks at all hours of the day and night. Nobody knows why.



Water borne and food borne illnesses, including bacterial infections, are common throughout Guatemala and may or may not affect you immediately during your stay. Always drink well filtered water. Food should not be eaten raw unless it is peeled or has been soaked in a vegetable water cleaning solution, sold in stores locally. 

The Posta health clinic in San Pablo is open 24 hours a day and has a doctor. In Solola and San Pedro they have X Ray machines but poor service. The best hospitals are in Xela or Guatemala City. To call and ambulance from Xela call: +502 4064 5428


Dental Work: Clínicas Dentales La Guardia in Panajachel




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New Tasks For Casa de Rosas
Published 14 Days ago by Claire H |

Fix headboard for beds 

Replace hot water pump

Fix Creaky Doors Upstairs 



Collaboration Announcement
Published 15 Days ago by Claire H |

Congratulations to OGF, eMedia and Open Institute on their recent collaboration to update ODAMS! This year is a bright one and we all have great hopes for a better future.   


Oromia Ethiopia is a region state in Ethiopia and the home of the Oromo People. Oromia has seen many struggles over the years and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced.


The Ethiopian state has continued to subject the Oromo people to violence and human rights violations. Successive Ethiopian governments have caused deep social, political, cultural and economic crises in Oromo society.The situation is urgent, and with the help of the Oi platform and eMedia, we hope to help ODAMS improve their website to reach their fundraising goal!  To make a huge difference in the year to come. 

OGF Media Center Marketing Strategy
Published 15 Days ago by Cristobal M |

- OGF and Oi share a common vision to build the capacity of Oromo citizens to make their voices heard and take their right place in the world.

- Oromia Global Forum (OGF) is a global alliance of Oromo Civic, Professional, and Faith-Based Organizations and individual Human Rights defenders and activists, residing in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.
- Oi is a 501C nonprofit organization with the goal to provide free fundraising tools for humanitarian cultural heritage projects. With a goal to provide accountability and transparency in the world of fundraising for non-profit initiatives.

- EnterMedia will provide the hosting for this project, Using the eMediaWorkspace version for 299$ a month.

- Oi is going to build a donation page to track donations and expenses with full transparency on how the donations are spent.

- Oi will also use their platform and team to collaborate with OGF staff and Volunteers.

- OGF will begin a fundraising campaign

- Assist OGF in recruiting, team building and training personell by utilizing open institute collaboration tools online

- Assign personell to work on collectively uploading media and building the media library.

-Tasks will be incentivized by a points system on the Oi. Work points can used towards compensation depending on the success of the project.

Five Little Puppies
Published 28 Days ago by Alex G |

The first time I came to the property that now holds the space for these puppies, it was because another three puppies where just been born, under very hard circumstances. I couldn't turn my back, I went into the property, and I put it them in a safe place. Now they are big, adopted and gave the space for the next round: 5 puppies who will be given in adoption. The goal is to make them get used to dog food, I can see the mama already tired of breastfeeding 

150 pounds of joy
Published 33 Days ago by Alex G |

Now that Mama gave birth, more food will be needed 

Cosmic Convergence!
Published 33 Days ago by Claire H |

DJ Mixa is a trailblazer from Guatamala.  Dropping beats at multiple festivals and cultural events.  She brings her audience on a journey around the world abd back, combining tribal rhythms with trip hop, trance, house, latin, house dub, nu cumbia and afro beats.  Also a poi performer, she brings a whole new level of power to her shows, unafraid of crossing boundaries between gritty powerful and soft. She interacts with her audience with the type of sensitivity that can only come after 20 years of experience as a performer.  A pioneer in the mixing scene of guatamala.

Published 33 Days ago by Claire H |
eMediaFinder News - December 17/2022
Published 52 Days ago by Claire H |

Congratulations to the Emediafinder team for kicking off a new initiative with The Music Academy Madras!

Emediafinder in Collaboration with The Music Academy Madras will have huge benefits in preserving precious and rare cultural content.  It will also provide valuable educational resources for music students, researchers and professionals alike.  Building searchable relationship mappings between artists, musicians, musicologists, instruments, genres and events.  This is an  exciting partnership and a wonderful contribution to archiving our worldwide digital culture heritage! Great Job Everyone!

Published 94 Days ago by Alex G |

Good dog food 🥘 

50 pounds of pure love
Published 128 Days ago by Alex G |

Ugly, Ashna and Mama are eating like there's no tomorrow 😮‍💨

Lower level
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Common Area
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Middle Room
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First Ukulele Class at Kansha Studio
Published 131 Days ago by Alex G |

A bit anxious and nervous to see who was going to show up, but very happy nonetheless. This was the feeling that came, as we took the first step, into what we perceive as a dream being manifested.

First Ukulele Class at Kansha Studio
Published 132 Days ago by Alex G |

A bit anxious and nervous to see who was going to show up, but very happy nonetheless. This was the feeling that came, as we took the first step, into what we perceive as a dream being manifested.

Test Title
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More text
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Dead dog in front of my door
Published 172 Days ago by Alex G |

Could you imagine the frustration that comes with walking out off your front door and finding a dead dog, when the rest of the week you hustle to protect them? 

Well that happened to me and other people several years ago, when the local municipality killed hundreds of them, and pile them up in the main street, becoming the first dog holocaust of Lake Atitlan. I hope this time, history does not repeat again.

Requirements for permission
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First test post
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Fist test post goes here 

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Published 180 Days ago by Harshit S |
The ukulele kits and cases are ready to roll
Published 209 Days ago by Brenchell |

amazing support for the Little Songbirds Music School in San Marcos❣️ I have been blessed with an incredible space to teach 🎶 and with wonderful people to help🙏🏼 Soo looking what thing may come and grow here☺️