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Ancestral Streaming

Preserving digital files containing valuable cultural and heritage content. Offering free storage to videographers, influencers, and content creators of original files in long-term archival storage. Christopher Burkey, the president of eMediaWorkspace, delivered a TEDx talk 7 years ago. and began an initiative to create independent media libraries around the world.

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Wellness Network Collective

A directory of mindful and inspired practitioners who inspire, support and serve personal transformation and spiritual growth.

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Kansha Academy

Supporting education by creating and supporting schools in USA, San Marcos Guatemala and Mexico.

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Tierra Sagrada

An collaborative booking platform that focuses on giving back to and empowering communities around Lake Atitlan. 5% of profits goes to projects that are conserving land, educating children, supporting musicians, and having a positive social and justice impact.

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Common Roots Collective

Artists everywhere need our help to create thriving communities and events! The arts provide connect people across cultures and generations. By nurturing creativity, we are able to cultivate innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence. Let us embrace the power of creativity and invest in the the arts. The arts are a way to celebrate our shared humanity and promote understanding in our diverse world.

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We believe everyone has a right to maintain and own their digital libraries. We support professional content creators, film makers, and non profits who want Self deterministic, censorship free ownership of media Files

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