Tierra Sagrada Launch

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Tierra Sagrada is a revolutionary platform
Published 243 Days ago by Christopher B |

When you book your next short stay, long term stay, or vacation with Tierra Sagrada you will have the satisfaction of also knowing that you are supporting important community causes around Lake Atitlan.

Tierra Sagrada is creating a unique value-based rental service.  Each rental unit has it's own unique story or how it was birthed and the vision behind it - yet at the same time - each unit has set quality standards and was built by local Mayan craftsmen.

We don't only provide accomodation - but also hand crafted experienced - tailored to your help fulfill the intetions you have for your trip. Whether you want to learn more about Mayan Culture, deepen your yoga practice, participate in sacred ceremonies, hike volcanoes, or learn Spanish - we are here to help make your trip to Lake Atitlan memorable & fun.

5% of your booking fee will go to projects that fall under 4 main categories:

Social Impact & Justice / Atitlan Development / Ecology / Common Roots Social Impact & Justice: Providing Education Opportunities To Children In Need

We are embarking on a project to create a community center that will allow children to experience a more explorative form of education that includes movement, the arts, critical thinking, creative thinking and lots of fun! We are empowering the children of Atitlan to bloom emotionally, creativity, and educationally.  

Published 244 Days ago by Krystal E |