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Welcome to eMedia Community!
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The internet has evolved in incredible ways over the past two decades.  We have more ways to store our media than we ever, and the market continues to expand.  However, due to the way that some of these storage platforms are structured, it often takes a lot of the choice away from the consumers.  Sometimes even charging a premium to retrieve your data.  

eMedia Workspace helps video editors, universities, companies, activists, marketing firms, and media publishers save their time. It does this by utilizing a combination of Artificial Intelligence and smart software design to save, organize, upload, download, and retrieve large amounts of files. With over 300 different features for ultimate flexibility, our software is open source and can be used with any server. Intentionally designed with our users digital freedom in mind; eMediaWorkspace owns a network of servers around the globe to keep your information safe and secure. 

eMediaWorkspace is more than just another digital asset management platform - It was built with the intent to also be a building block for community, social justice, equal access and to add value to your business. It is trusted by a wide range of companies and organizations who also see the importance in utilizing and preserving our rights and freedoms in the digital world.  To preserve our collective memories and knowledge from around the globe, our “Digital Heritage”.