Casa Jasmine

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   Mayan owned hotel located in the center of San Marcos. 

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Casa Jasmine San Marcos FAQ


Welcome to Casa Jasmine! We hope you have a lovely stay in our community at Lake Atitlan. We work with the following shared responsibilities to help ensure that all guests (and our neighbors) are respected and have a relaxing and welcome stay.


We create affordable accommodations for the wellness community and empower Mayan entrepreneurship. We renovate Mayan owned properties that allows rents to go to the dozens of extended Mayan family members and keeps lands from being owned by foreign investors.


Casa Jasmine is a child-free and pet free, digital nomad style accomodation.



Casa Jasmine:



Rental: Christopher +502 4611 8131

Cleaning and Garden: Cecilia +502 4800 9487



All rent should be paid at check in time or before. There will be a Q50 late fee on any rents paid after check-in or due date. There is a 2% discount for cash Quetzales payments. Currency conversions use current rates.


Online payments in USD can be made with Wise. Create a Wise account at To send funds in USD please add a new Recipient within with these details: Email:


For nonUSA:

Wise Account holder: Christopher Burkey 


Account number: 822000110819

Wise's address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor

New York NY 10010

United States


For USA: 

Wise Account holder: Christopher Burkey

Routing number: 084009519

Account number: 9600008093918083

Account type: Checking

Wise's address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor

New York NY 10010

United States



For morning arrivals the cleaner Cecilia will have your keys until 12 noon. If you can not meet her ahead of time we will leave keys at Vida Restaurant or for late night entry try to hide your keys under a rock and send you a picture and instructions.




Wifi is available and free for guest use. 

Wifi does work with Zoom for video calls and is generally reliable






Check-In: Between 3-6pm

Check Out: By 11am


Smoking is discouraged


Gas, Electric and Water

All are included with your stay. If you run out of gas please call +502 4126 2682 and they will deliver a tank for around 120Q Tip them and they will install it. We will reimburse the cost of gas 



Laundry is not included. Go to the Laundromat at Pascal's next to Axuan ice cream on the main path through town (aka Hippie Highway).



Pets are not permitted.


To help keep our homes clean for all guests, we encourage you to leave your shoes near the entry area and to avoid tracking in mud and dirt. If you have been swimming, please clean your feet before entering the shower.



Guests are permitted to hold gatherings of no more than 8 total people, provided that:

1) they are open and welcoming to all others sharing the common living space;

2) they end by 10pm;

3) noise levels do not disturb neighbors and the community;

4) the guest who is hosting is responsible for all clean-up.


Visitors may visit with you from 7am-11pm. Unregistered guests are not permitted to stay overnight, without prior reservation and fee of Q50 per night.



Casa Jasmine is not designed with children's safety in mind. Therefore we ask that guests be child-free.



Pets are not permitted at Casa Jasmine.


Guests are expected to keep shared common areas clean and tidy for the use of all guests. Rooms and common areas are cleaned between guest stays. Stays that require extra cleaning for stains, broken items or general dirtiness beyond normal reasonable use will be charged 200Q



Compost should be placed in the compost pile in the corner of the garden.


Trash is removed on Wednesdays by the gardener.


Water in the shared kitchens is filtered using a EcoFilter that you must refill each dayWater from these filtered sources is safe to drink. Water in the bathrooms is not filtered. 


Is included. We use a vacuum tube solar hot water system. Depending on sunshine and length of showers  it can provide six nice hot showers per day. It also stores heat for up to three days of cloud.


Water service to the house is provided by the municipality. There are times during the year when water supplies run low. Why? Because the community sources water from the mountain, not the lake. Natural hydrologic cycles effect this source, it is not something that we can control. When water runs low, please help conserve. What does this look like? Consider things like no extra flushes, washing with a wash cloth rather than taking a shower, not letting the water run when brushing your teeth or washing dishes. 


The power may go out during your stay and at times these outages are for an extended period. This is typical in Guatemala. We recommend keeping electronic devices charged and having an alternative lighting source available.


Security Cameras are in use at all residence garden areas. These cameras are used solely to deter opportunistic thefts and problems and we check these cameras only in the case of an incident. We recommend hiding electronics and any valuables as you would while traveling anywhere. Do not leave valuables unattended or easily accessible during your stay.



For emergencies you can reach the police on WhatsApp: +502 4503 7073.


There is no ambulance in San Marcos. The nearest one is based in San Pedro. There is sometimes a first aid kit in the top bathroom. There is a pharmacy with basic supplies on the street behind the church, he can also apply bandages. 



Are common here and will not kill you. The big spiders on the walls eat only smaller insects and do not bite at all. Scorpions tend to wander and will sting you if you touch them. Guatemalan scorpion stings are like a bee sting and tend to hurt for about an hour.



The church will sometimes light off fireworks at all hours of the day and night. Nobody knows why.



Water borne and food borne illnesses, including bacterial infections, are common throughout Guatemala and may or may not affect you immediately during your stay. Always drink well filtered water. Food should not be eaten raw unless it is peeled or has been soaked in a vegetable water cleaning solution, sold in stores locally. 

The Posta health clinic in San Pablo is open 24 hours a day and has a doctor. In Solola and San Pedro they have X Ray machines but poor service. The best hospitals are in Xela or Guatemala City. To call and ambulance from Xela call: +502 4064 5428


Dental Work: Clínicas Dentales La Guardia in Panajachel




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