Comida y bienestar para los perros del lago Atitlan 🐾

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Vamos a limpiar lo que nadie quiere limpiar
Published 12 Days ago by Alex G |

Con la ayuda de esta maquina, pondremos a prueba la limpieza de la calle principal de San Marcos La Laguna. 

Collars Needed
Published 12 Days ago by Alex G |

The dogs are getting fed but now they need to be identified, because of control reassons. For that matter, collars will be needed in order to know which dogs are being fed on a daily basis and eventually take them to a more competente veterinarian for further evaluations. 

The food and supplies of the first Dognation Campaign
Published 14 Days ago by Alex G |

We are happy to announce the successful Dognation that is now feeding 10 dogs on a regular basis. This is just the start...

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