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The next phase of evolution of Open Institute is to launch a mobile app, that will help to streamline communications, and make fundraising/donating more accessible to a wider audience. In order to make this happen, additional funding is needed to finish the app development, before its able to launch.

Looking for sponsors to expand the Open Institute platform
Published 95 Days ago by Dieneke S |
Promo video OI
Mobile App Development
Published 170 Days ago by Menta B |


Our Goal Is: $5000 by 8/1/22!
We have raised: $501.00 USD
Spent: $3866
Remaining: $-3365.00


Recent Donations (2)
$1.0 from 1
on 8/19/22, 8:48:35 AM EDT
$500.0 from Raymond Kienly
on 5/18/22, 1:09:49 PM EDT