Culture is a story in motion. Our traditions, sense of time, values, ethics and social structures are based of this story. These new platforms have allowed us all to begin contributing to the ever growing story we are all enacting. Culture is not just something we observe, its something we participate in and this movement is about re-shaping the economic patterns of the world and intern the patterns that govern the transfer of energy at the core of society.

The Roots of The Maya
Published 1792 Days ago by Jay W |
Our current project, a documentary we have been working on for a year so far.
Nido Films & B'elejé Q'anil
Published 1794 Days ago by Jay W |
A series delving into the resilient heart of Maya culture and the importance of preserving our roots. << >> Teachings and stories passed down from elder to elder, knowledge thats roots trace back to the ancient civilization that built and inhabited the sacred megalithic cities of the Maya.