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Social Change

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The OI platform is supported by a collaboration of philantropists, world travelers, cultural ambassadors, tech-industry veterans and open-source enthusiasts making an impact.

About OI


OI supports a new collaborative economic model for a digital age. The model is an online communication platform where sponsors monitor the ongoing social and ecological impact of their donations.

Projects hosted on OI use accountability and transparency to provide measurable, verifiable outcomes for donations received. 

We are dedicated to affordability for everyone, OI is 100% free. The OI platform is fully funded by sponsors and donations like yours.

   We Value:
  • Meaningful Work
  • Accessibility for all
  • Open Technology
  • No Censorship
  • Accountability
  • Supporting the Arts
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Local Autonomy



  • OI is a US Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. Donations made to OI itself are tax-deductible
  • Financial Accountability: Sponsors and project owners can track their own donations and finances online with full transparency including: Expenses, Income, Investments and Donations tracking
  • Support payments in multiple currencies by Credit Cards, Paypal, Cash or block chain payments.


  • OI Chat as an open source replacement WhatsApp and Messenger. Allows teams to be quickly formed on each Project
  • Available as mobile Android and MacOS Apps
  • Built in to-do tracking with Work Points tracking to fairly compensate your team
  • Free of corporate influence or censorship


  • Post photo's or videos of your project progress and share to other social media platforms
  • Marketing of your progress and be part of OI campaigns to collaborate with other like-minded projects
  • Connect with partners and volunteers
  • Search Engine Optimized content allows Google to find your project and rank your pages higher


“OI works really well, money doesn’t go through a personal account, you have accountability and it doesn’t charge huge fees like a page like gofundme”. 


Alejandro José D'anilo Tabares
Familia Utz Corazón



"OI worked smoothly in raising the funds for the burn victims of restaurant FE and was easy to use. It would be nice if more San Marcos community would be able to use this platform for fundraising".

Dieneke Schaeffer
Fundraiser burn victims FE